Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Home at Christmas 2007

I changed a few things this year than in previous years. I hope you enjoy!

I got this odd/vintage looking star at Pier 1 in an after holiday sale. It was a total steal and I have this new obsession with tinsel so I love it!

This wreath is on a closet door but it is the first thing you see when entering my home. Notice the faerie hiding at the top?

A few things I hung from an iron corner flourish in the entry way to my kitchen.

I love how the glitter shows up under the glow of the lights.

A snowy display in my kitchen window above my sink.

My vintage elf collection. Yes, I even decorate the top of our stereo. =)

Advent calendar I bought at Target. I put candies and other fun trinkets in it for my kids. There are even little coupons for fun-with-mom rolled up with tiny ribbon behind some of the doors.

I could not find any polka dot ornaments so I bought a white set and drew them on with a black Sharpie. The feather tree is a Martha Stewart Kmart find.

This is our dining table centerpiece.

This is the dsiplay on top of my entertainment center. It may be against the rule book to decorate the top of your electronics but my home is very small so I take all the surfaces I can get!

The ornaments are mostly Martha Stewart Kmart glitter ornaments bought on clearance after Christmas. Others I found at Dollar Tree. The Santa was a gift from my Faerie Godmother, the nutcracker was mine when I was young and the giant hanging ornament was something I copied from a display at Martin's.

I decided to put my grape garland on my mantel this year along with the red and white candy ornaments.

Tree topper. I just love how the little glittery balls look like they are floating in the air with the faeries.

This looks much better than in years past with my new olive curtains and dark wood blinds.

All glowy and enchanting....


Anonymous said...

Wood blinds slats are the lightest of all blinds and are generally the best bet for large windows. They are known to give a cozy feel to the room and provide the desired privacy, even while allowing enough sunlight to filter through the slats.

Jessica said...

I love my feather tree you gave me. I use it every christmas, valentines day and easter. This year I have an advent calendar book, with a little tiny book for each day with part of the christmas story in it. Each one has a little gold cord on it and hangs on the tree. They look so cute hanging there with the colored glass balls. I will take a picture and put it on my blog. Then, in feb..I put hearts and pink and red buttons hung on thread on it, and at easter I have egg ornaments that go on it. Thank of my favortie gifts ever! (Along with my snail!)