Thursday, December 11, 2008

Tahyee Sahalee 2007

My parents named their cabin "Tahyee Sahalee", much like one would name a big estate or plantation. We call it a cabin but it is actually their dream home in the mountains. The name originated from one of the many Native American languages. It translates to "eagle up above" and for us, this symbolizes my maternal grandfather who passed on 14 years ago and loved bald eagles.

Every year, my mom and I decorate the cabin for Christmas the weekend after Thanksgiving and every year we have more to add to the tree. The tree is a faux, tall and skinny being wired with colored lights. My mom wanted white lights, but they were out of that kind when she purchased it so she added her own. It is a hodge podge of woodsy cabin ornaments, small sleds and other do-dads she's collected from friends bringing house warming gifts to Christmas presents for the cabin. It has black, red and white flannel wired ribbon, lots of snowballs and snowflakes, and feathers, stars and every kind of what-not at the top.

I must say that this year was better than the last.

The mantel I recently redid for my mom, adding the horse picture, candlesticks, the topiaries and the garland, lights, berries and branches. Those pieces are permanently on the mantel and for the holidays we only added the "Joy" and the bells on the lamps.

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