Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Sever's Home Christmas 2007

Allison and Wes Sever had very little Christmas decor when I started with them. The first year I bought fabric, ribbon, ornaments, floral, a Santa, garland and tree topper. They bought the pre-lit faux tree. Whatever was bought this first year was repeated in their decor for the next 3 years but changed up a little each year. Even though it may have cost a few hundred for the initial decorations, they certainly got their money's worth by repeating it thereafter. In 2007, we decided to change it up by rearranging the furniture. Unfortunately, I don't have "before" pictures of their furniture arrangement, but the end result was lovely and inviting for a work party they hosted later that week.

The Sever's have several large mirrors throughout their living and family rooms. I decided to hang a few wreaths on them.

This is the wreath I gifted them the first year I decorated their home. This is my tradition for my customers. This was simply a Martha Stewart wreath from Kmart that I added some glittery poinsettias to.

Another wreath over a mirror in the living room. We had extra ribbon left over so we dressed up an old faux wreath with it.

A bench along part of their long entry way.

The seat was covered in an off white material. I recovered it in this fabric that matched the holiday decor.

An arrangement on top of the piano. I added pinecones for a festive touch.

Allison already had this faux bough with berries and pine cones and the candle holder. I placed the candle holder on top of the bough and added some inexpensive candles in varying heights from Michael's.

This golden nativity looked perfect on her gold chest of drawers in the entry to the kitchen.

The gingerbread house was a gift from a relative and it went nicely with the gold and brown Santa. I also took some of their kids' hand-made ornaments and placed them amongst this display.

Garland on the staircase. I used the same floral, ribbon and ornaments that were in the tree so that it would coordinate since it was in the same room.

Back half of the living room.

Centerpiece for dining table. I used two platters Allison already had, stacked them on top of each other and added some left over ornaments.

We placed the dining table on the diagonal of the room for a different, more dramatic effect.

The reflection of the tree in a mirror across the room.

Tree close-ups.

This quilled tree topper is also from Martha Stewart's Kmart line.

The fabric is billowy tafeta I wove in and out of the tree with the ribbon.

I also placed one of the large mirrors behind the tree so that it is viewable from all angles.

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