Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Christmas at the Dahlbergs 2007

The Dahlberg home is a great example of working with their current basics and collections and adding just a few more accents for less than $50 to enhance the look. Sometimes it just takes a different eye to arrange collections around the house in a new way. I put this little elf village in the guest bathroom with some frosted mini pines for just a little Christmas touch.

Their Christmas village went nicely in the entertainment center in a room where their grandchildren stay while visiting for the holidays.

One of their mini nativities added a nice touch a hallway cabinet amongst family pictures.

Their more expensive nativity went nicely in the living room on top of a curio out of reach of small hands. More mini pines soften the figures.

For every new home I am privileged to work in, I gift them a personally decorated wreath.

A few fun nick-knacks around more family pictures on a kitchen counter that shares space with the family room.

The other side of the counter. Some good pieces they already had.

The Dahlbergs already had the faux garland, gold trees, gold creche and gold sprigs. I grouped the gold together here to accent the gilded frame already over the mantel. I also added the lights and ribbon and large ornament. The giant ornament stands well all alone when it is offset and balanced with the trees.

This deer couple was from past Christmases.

The fiber-optic tree balanced out the fern on the other side of the mantel and had a nice gold base to help pull it together with the rest of the mantel decor.

Their angel's cloak went nicely with their flower arrangement.

More pines and another village vignette.

Their snowy look cute along side their adorable snowman.

The whole look. We didn't have to move everything, just gave it a festive touch.

The Dahlberg home has two mirrored alcoves; one in the hallway and one in the entry way. This one was in the hallway. They already had this creche, which was mostly brown and gold so I accented with the large ornaments in the same color scheme. I hung them from the top of the alcove by fish line at varying lengths and they look great reflected in the mirror.

I just love this fabulous creche of theirs and accented, like the other, with large ornaments in the same color scheme that also have a Middle Eastern feel.

This Santa and small figures had lots of earth tones to them so I grouped them together and placed them on the dining table amongst a garland of ivy and grapes.

The Dahlbergs had recently switched their tree theme from woodsy to red and silver and it was located in their bay window in the living room. The silver was okay because it wasn't in the same room as the gold-themed mantel. They had purchased the white lights, ball ornaments and a few silver spiral sprigs. I added the ribbon, the glittery red poinsettias and more sprigs for the arrangement at the top.

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