Monday, September 22, 2008

My Home At Halloween 2007

Halloween is quickly becoming one of my favorite holidays. I don't necessarily decorate with a spooky them - more of a vintage, kooky, gypsy-esk style. Picture Hogwarts at Halloween. I like an abundant, lush, textured look - the more stuff the better!

I absolutely adore my crystal ball and my gargoyles.

Top of Entertainment Center

I dressed up as a Witch Faery this year so I had this book (The Faeries of Spring Cottage by Terri Windling. Doll by Wendy Froud) open as part of the decor.

I line the top of the Mantle with my collection of milk glass and put a battery operated tea light in each one so that when the lights are off they have an eerie glow to them.

Other Misc. Vignettes

Top of Dining Table

Vampire/Twilight Vignette

I hung a bigger bulletin board in my office and added a touch of Halloween to it.