Saturday, November 17, 2007

Christmas At the Christmas Faerie's Home 2005

"Christmas Faerie
quite contrary
how does your own
Christmas decorating go?"

On a round side table to my couches in the family room. I love my 3 Patience Brewster ornaments hanging on the feather tree and in front of it.

Garland I hung in the entry way from the family room to the kitchen/dining area. All in red and white with candy ornaments and red grape lights.


Grouping on top of entertainment center. Some of these ornaments were bought at half off after Christmas from the Martha Stewart line at K-mart but most of them I purchased from good ol' Dollar Tree!! I made sure most of them have glitter on them and are in the primary colors so they all look cohesive. That Santa pushing the cart that looks like a Christopher Radko is really from Dollar Tree too!

Mantle garland - The two lighted ornament trees I bought at the outlet store, Welcome Home, for only $10 each after Christmas. I also group my nutcracker here with some doll ornaments and a really great santa doll I got from my Faery Godmother! There are also some vintage looking reproduction tree toppers I use as decorative finials. The needlepoint stockings are a tradition from my family growing up.


Most of all my arrangements around the house change or have some Christmas items added to them.

My master bath is done in Chocolate Brown, Tiffany Box Blue and Cotton Candy Pink with silver fixtures and a vintage feel with an old fashioned fan, an antique curling iron, french soaps and black and white pictures. This is the Christmas decor for it. With a few vintage figurines and tree, I filled an Arthur Court ice bucket we received for our wedding with more ornaments from the Martha Stewart line at K-Mart. I especially love the vintage looking bathtub from Bath and Body filled with those same ornaments!

Just a few little Christmasy touches in my daughter's room.

Nativity Scene and collection of creche pictures in my study.

My Dining Table - The advent calendar is from Target and goes perfect with my black and white kitchen. Another feather tree and bowl of fruit. I love how the fruit and ball ornaments match!

I have to move my sofa table from the bay window to actually be behind one of my sofas. I buy a small snowman every year to add to my snowman collection. The white feather tree is also a great find from the Martha Stewart line at K-mart.

Close-up of table

My tree. This tree has been ours for the past two years now. I did it in the colors of my family room - olive, gold, and red with lots of sparkle!


Of course the Christmas Faerie would have none other than a Faerie atop her tree! I love how she is reaching heavenward! I didn't necessarily buy her for my tree topper - she was just gorgeous and a really good deal at one of my favorite stores, The Wild Grape, in Victoria Gardens Shopping Center in Rancho Cucamonga in Southern California, so I couldn't pass her up! To give the illusion that she coordinates with the rest of the tree colors I hung the tiny, glittery balls (from the Martha Stewart line at K-mart) on the sparkly branches around her that graduate from pink to orange to red as they fall down closer to the rest of the tree. Somehow it works!
I would love to someday do a rainbow tree that graduated from one colored ball at the top down through all the rainbow colors to the bottom of the tree! Anyone want me to give it a whirl at their house?

Here are some of my Mark Roberts Fairies helping me decorate - the Christmas Faerie has to have helpers! My wonderful mom gives me one each year for Christmas - the one on top is The Mistletoe Fairy and the one below is The Gumdrop Fairy.

And here are my other two helpers - The Pinecone Fairy above (he always tells me he works better upside down) and A Partridge In A Pear Tree Fairy below.

Tree magnified - This angel fairy was my tree topper for my smaller tree I used to put up in my apartment before I moved into my home.


Debbie @ said...

Britten this is so lovely. Boy you have a wonderful flair for decorating, everything looks amazing. I love it all, and I especially love the white decorating! Wow

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

What a lovely holiday home you are creating! Thank you so much for sharing it and inspiring us to create beauty this season!