Monday, November 5, 2007

The Attin's Home

Nancy and her family were awesome to work with the past 2 years! Nancy has GREAT taste and this was very helpful when I told her what to look for when shopping for her decorations. We used gold, copper, chocolate brown, emerald green, and turquoise with peacock feathers galore! The whole look was designed around the colors in a peacock's tail feathers. Nancy and her husband both loved it because it went perfectly with their Egyptian themed living room.

Lighted Tree

Close-up of clusters of flowers and ornaments on tree

From the bottom looking up.

Centerpiece on Dining Table

Close-up on Centerpiece

Wreath around Mirror -Lighted

Wreath unlit

Close-up of Wreath

Wreath Magnified


Other half of banister

Close-up of banister arrangement


Close-up of Mantle arrangement

Another Mantle Close-up

Centerpiece and Garland over China Cabinet

Wreath on Front Door

Close-up of Wreath

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